Accept Bitcoin Payments

How it Works:

Shift Coins allows merchants and individuals to accept Bitcoin payments or Litecoin payments from their customers.

To begin processing payments using Shift Coins simply follow these steps:

1. Create a Shift Coins account by clicking on
2. Create a Shopping Cart or Regular button. You will be able to select the prices for your items, create descriptions and more.
3. Add the button to your checkout page or product page. When a user selects to pay for your items with Bitcoins or Litecoins they will be automatically sent to Shift Coins to submit their payment.

Users can choose whether to pay their invoice in Bitcoins or Litecoins. If a merchant chooses to receive funds in USD, Shift Coins will instantly convert any received funds for the merchant. That is, the digital currency in which you were paid would be converted to US dollars and made available to you via direct deposit to your bank or by check. This process removes the risks that can be associated with the unpredictable change in worth of digital currencies.

Some of the benefits to using Shift Coins as a payment service provider on your website include:

- The ability to accept the digital currencies Bitcoins and Litecoins
- Remove the risk for fraud with irreversible payments
- Daily withdrawals to avoid waiting for your funds
- Minimal costs for processing payments with our 1% fee on all transactions
- Attract new clientele with the availability of a new payment option


Shift Coins is less than half the cost of traditional credit card or debit card transactions. There are no sign up charges or membership fees for using the Shift Coins service. All purchases are charged a 1% fee which is automatically calculated and deducted during the checkout process when you withdraw your funds.

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